Monday, November 21, 2016

sgvhs: Please say hello to Winston, affectionately...


Please say hello to Winston, affectionately nick-named “Meatball” by our staff and volunteers :o)

Winston is a striking four-year-old Staffordshire/American Bulldog boy with fun and unique looks that are a perfect match to his clownish personality.  This low-to-the-ground pup has a nice tan and white coat, beautiful brown eyes, and an ear-to-ear smile that is bound to brighten anyone’s day. One of his top talents is that he has very expressive face and many expressions to share!Winston is a loving and playful boy who enjoys long walks with frequent breaks to sniff his surroundings and watch people go by. He also likes to play in the water on a hot summer day; as long as he has friends nearby to splash him as needed.  This shorty loves to strut his good looks around the neighborhood but he also likes to relax on a friendly lap while squeaking toys around.Winston came to the shelter after he was found wandering the streets of Rosemead. While it is unknown how long he was without a home, it was clear that he had not been cared for in a long time. He suffered from severe flea bites and an eye infection. Luckily, he was found in time to receive the necessary treatment and now he is fully recovered and ready for adoption.  If you would like to have a fun pup join your family, please come meet this handsome boy! (Pet ID: 24700)   

via sgvhs: Please say hello to Winston, affectionately...

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