Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Kpop fans. Specially ARMY


you complain about ONCE. 

But let’s face it. compare the “dislikes” on “KNOCK KNOCK” vs “Not Today”

Who has the most “dislikes”? TWICE. why? because army is doing it.
Why “Not Today” doesn’t have the same amount?” Because ONCE actually care about TWICE only. And not the other KPOP groups. 

you might say “not every army is like that.” but 1 in 3 ARMY are like that, if not 1 in 2. 

Let’s face it, ARMY are one of the most childish fandom ever. Just like ELF’s once were and Shawols once were. 


You are not representing a group. You represent yourself as someone who listens to kpop. You don’t make a certain band win anything. You just help a band getting more noticed as you listen and share things.

I’m seriously disliking ARMY’s all together, because in the past they were complaining and making fun of exo and bap. Army are claiming that TWICE is the most hated group? That’s because Twice is the most successful girl group in this age. Deal with it. Appreciate kpop. Share Kpop. Stop the HATE. 

via Kpop fans. Specially ARMY

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