Tuesday, February 7, 2017

OTP Tea ☕️

Person A: *is sick*
Person B: *trying to take care of them* I made you tea.
Person A: I don wan ea.. *sniffles*
Person B: then what do you want?..
Person A: ...
Person B: it's got lemon and honey.
Person A: I- I'll ry id..
person B: *gives person A tea*
Person A: *sips tea*..
Person B: feel any better?
Person A: *finishes off tea* no, uh, no *sniffles* you- re gonna have a make me more ea...
person B: *sighs, takes cup* yup, looks like it. *kisses A on forehead on way out*
Person A: *mumbles* hank you..
person B: I love you too.
via OTP Tea ☕️

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